You’ve Got Mail and Money: The Truth About Email Campaigns

In this day and age attention spans are short and email lists are long. Most people do one thing when scanning through their emails – press delete. But would you believe us if we told you that in a recent study done by Webmarketing123, a SEO and digital marketing agency, using email as a digital marketing tactic was shown to be the most effective way to generate revenue for your company? In this study, 26% of the marketers polled discovered that email was the best channel for reaching clients and keeping them.

How Does Email Compare to Other Digital Marketing Tactics?

Webmarketing123 asked 600 marketing professionals what channel had the most positive effect on revenue and this is how they responded:

  • 5% social media
  • 5% display
  • 15% paid search
  • 17% SEO
  • 26% email
  • 33% unsure

Which Campaigns Succeed and Why

Knowing your audience is the first step in stopping them from scrolling on by. Companies like Warby Parker and Birchbox are two very different companies, but each has successful email campaigns because they understand their customers’ habits along with their wants and needs. This insight helps them devise successful campaigns and compose what is probably the most important component in email marketing – a provocative subject line.

One example of this is a subject line in a Birchbox email campaign that says, “We forgot something in your February box!” Most people will open the email just to see what was left out of their order, but instead of an actual product being forgotten, they discover a promotional code for a discount on the next purchase was “left out.” Sort of gives new meaning to the old adage, “Made ya look.”

“Uh oh, your prescription is expiring.” This was the subject line in a Warby Parker email campaign that serves as a reminder to get your glasses prescription updated. To make it extra easy they include optometrist information, a subtle push to buy a new pair of glasses.

Email Services: Generating Fans and Revenue

Utilizing email is crucial for your company but sending out constant emails to multitudes of clients can seem overwhelming. Now, you can make email marketing a breeze with services such as:

  • Mail Chimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Constant Contact

These services allow you to auto-schedule email campaigns, see your average open rate, get insight about your subscribers and stay in touch with your customers.

Revenue Performance Knows Email

A consistent, effective email campaign does involve more than coming up with a list of clients and sending out a few emails a month. To generate the most income, you may want to consider hiring an expert digital marketing firm. Here’s what you can expect a good firm to do for you:

  • Come up with creative and provocative subject lines to entice the reader
  • Properly schedule the best times to send emails
  • Understand the different devices and platforms on which email is received
  • Customize the email design to fit the brand identity of your company
  • Analyze analytics about average open, click and bounce-back rates

At Revenue Performance, our experienced copywriters and digital marketing specialists understand how to perform these tasks as well as how to utilize them in ways that will leave an imprint of your company on the recipient’s mind. Contact us today for more information on creating a unique email plan that will work for you!