E-commerce is now a major revenue source for both small and large businesses, making the need for a strategic web presence a top priority for marketing executives and business owners.

To effectively market products and services over the Internet, those in the hospitality industry must utilize SEO strategies. Optimizing your website for search engines plays a key role in driving revenue to your hotel or restaurant and in increasing your visibility online.

SEO can be a powerful tool in increasing your online presence as well as your bottom line by:seo1

  • Increasing the amount of visitors to your website
  • Increasing your rankings on the major search engines
  • Driving in more relevant and targeted visitors
  • Building credibility and increasing brand awareness
  • Providing organic search traffic that costs you nothing

When considering how optimized your website really is, ask yourself two important questions:

“Is my website buried somewhere beyond page 2 on important search results?”

“Is the content on my website stale and out-of-date?”

If you answer yes to either of these questions, contact us today for a free evaluation of the SEO health of your website.

Additional Search Engine Optimization Services
We research and identify keywords, taking into consideration the level of competition and search volume when considering your web content and meta data optimization.
We install, manage, and report on your website’s analytics using Google Analytics, the most comprehensive analytical tool available. Our trained account managers extract valuable data to better optimize your website.
We research, request, and submit to quality, niche listings that improve your SEO and send quality traffic back to your website.


Our SEO audit analyzes your website’s on- and off-page techniques and settings to answer why the site is ranking as it does on important search pages. Comparing your results to those of you closest competitors, we can evaluate your website’s strengths and identify weaknesses that are keeping your site from achieving the highest user engagement and top search rankings.