Hotel Sales Pipeline Development.

In today’s competitive hospitality environment, your hotel’s web presence and professional on-line profile is critical to attracting new customers and maintaining existing relationships. Most hotels build on-line awareness through branding, digital awareness, and word of mouth.

Along with working hard to build a strong reputation, you need to be vigilant in maintaining and building your on-line awareness to drive engagement. But, is it enough to drive guests to your website and should you worry about how your on-line reputation will impact future bookings?

With more than 50 years of hospitality experience, we can provide you with a wide range of group sales, catering and revenue management expertise.  We can provide your business with tactical changes that can be put into action today, including identifying opportunities to generate the right content and traffic for your hotel as well as specific social media strategies to drive new guest traffic to your site.

Our services include:

  • Building your web presence to drive relevant traffic to your website
  • Creating, optimizing and managing your social profiles, including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Directing sales and solicitation support
  • Contacting past lost, turndown and actual group opportunities
  • Optimizing revenue opportunities, ensuring maximum channel connectivity and rate parity.
  • Preparing hotels sales and marketing plans
  • Providing detailed segment strategies for owner presentations
  • Assisting with an on-site task force to cover temporary staffing issues
Supporting Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

One of our most important missions at Revenue Performance is to enable your hotel or resort to maximize revenue generation in sales, catering and event management. We offer an extensive list of support and management services, including:

  • Account management training for your team, including sales basics, pre-call planning, solicitation scripts, prospecting tips and more
  • Trade show representation
  • Visits to OTA’s consortia and travel offices
  • Overall site analysis
  • Targeted package opportunities
  • Social media engagement

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