Is Blue the New Red in Online Videos? Facebook Video Versus YouTube

Assuming you don’t live under a rock, you’re probably familiar with Facebook and YouTube. Recently, you may have noticed that Facebook has begun to look a lot more like its action-packed rival, and you would be right. With more than three billion videos appearing per day, Facebook has established itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to posting, viewing, commenting and sharing online videos.

What’s a news feed without a few puppies attempting stairs for the first time or cats riding vacuum cleaners? You’re probably already used to it. By auto-playing during page scrolling, even those with the hardest of hearts get sucked into watching, with many sharing videos with others. Maybe it annoys you, maybe it doesn’t, but it’s what digital marketers regard as social media engagement and organic reach at its finest. It gets your attention, you can’t stop watching and you feel compelled to share with others. Just the kinds of results digital marketers, including us, are trying to achieve for clients.

Facebook Launches Embedded Video Player

According to a study done by Socialbakers, a leading provider of social media analytic tools, statistics and metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube, Facebook is the new YouTube for brands. And despite the fact that a view for Facebook lasts just three seconds after auto play as compared to the user-initiated, 30 seconds of viewing time for a video on YouTube, in the past year, 50 percent of videos from brands have been uploaded to Facebook rather than YouTube.

One reason for this phenomenon is that in March of this year, Facebook announced the launch of its new Embedded Video Player, which now makes it easier for websites to integrate video posts on Facebook. Research continues to show that video content posted on Facebook dramatically increases the reach of content. This new feature replaces the older, more complex process of posting videos to Facebook, which is sure to lure publishers away from YouTube.

Will Facebook Surpass YouTube?

Making it easier to post videos on Facebook will make a huge impact on the functionality of YouTube. Will it surpass the mega online video giant? Time will tell, but for advertisers who want a way to target video to specific demographic markets or avoid certain segments, such as the beer brand that wants to avoid advertising to teens, Facebook offers this ability, while YouTube does not. And as long as Facebook continues to increase its video capabilities, video producers will become more likely to regard it as the channel of choice.

We Can Help Get Your Video in the Newsfeed

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