Top Ten Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Our President and CEO, Gordon Liametz, reveals his top ten tips for improving your LinkedIn profile and how your profile can help you generate sales leads and increase networking opportunities with other industry professionals.

    1. Brand Yourself – Regularly update your profile with benchmark accomplishments, use a current photo, and create a compelling headline.


    1. Stand Out – The 10 most overused words found in LinkedIn profiles: innovative, motivated, results-oriented, dynamic, proven track record, team player, fast-paced, problem solver, entrepreneurial. Grab your thesaurus and expand your vocabulary and your connections by creating a unique profile


    1. Be Seen – Increase your profile’s visibility by selecting “full view” and use keywords specific to your industry.


    1. Recommend and Be Recommended – LinkedIn makes it easy to do both. Only recommend people that you’ve actually worked with in the past or present.


    1. Become a Groupie – Join at least ten to twelve industry groups or start a group and engage regularly with your industry peers.


    1. Get Customized – Personalize your URL and use keywords in your public profile.


    1. Produce Content – Post original content from your company including press releases, articles, and white papers.


    1. Get Buzzed – Check out LinkedIn’s Company Buzz and see what people are saying about your company.


    1. Add Apps – LinkedIn apps allow you to upload wordpress blog posts, create polls, and present your work to a large audience of professionals.


  1. To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade – Upgraded services include InMails, Profile Organizer, Premium Search Filters, Profile Stats, Expanded View, etc. These paid services are contract-free so you can try them without any obligation.

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