Five Simple Ways To Manage Tripadvisor Reviews

Each month Tripadvisor receives 32 million visitors, who post a staggering 30 million reviews. A recent interview with TripAdvisor’s Social Media Program Manager, April Robb, reveals management response to criticism influences the travelers buying decision more than the actual criticism itself.

If your business does not have a solid strategy for monitoring and responding Tripadvisor reviews, you are missing out on potential business.

Although hoteliers strive for excellent customer service, situations can arise that leave consumers feeling frustrated or unhappy. The first step to rebuilding consumer confidence is to actively get involved in addressing the problem.

Here are our tips to effectively managing your consumer reviews on Tripadvisor:

    • Sign Up: First and foremost get signed up in the Owner’s Center, you can receive email alerts for new reviews, monitor satisfaction trends, compare your performance against your competitors, and most importantly, respond to reviews.


    • Stay Positive: Write effective management responses. Remember to respond quickly, remain professional and thank the guest for their comment. The worst thing you can do is get defensive, point blame, or slam the reviewer…so if you couldn’t do anything to fix the situation, or do not plan to…then don’t respond!


    • Be Specific: It is important to respond to each individual concern to show you have read the review carefully. We recommend that you write the response in word (use spell check!) and have the review pulled up as well so you can read it while responding. Also, clearly state how you are responding to the issue.


    • Avoid Being a Broken Record: Make your answers specific and proactive. Don’t use blanket responses to multiple reviewers. Nothing looks worse to consumers than seeing the same response to multiple reviews over the course of time.


  • Invite Them Back: Always invite the customer back, so they can have a more positive experience. Responding to both positive and negative reviews will give your target market a much more balanced view of your services. Remember, the more you stay involved, the better you look to the consumer.

Keep in mind that responding to positive reviews can be just as effective as responding to negative ones. The more you stay involved, the better you look to the consumer. If you have any more tips for responding to Tripadvisor reviews, leave us a comment below.